Buying a machine

Exactly how serious are you about coffee? If you're looking for the best, most advanced, most temperature stable and most beautifully engineered espresso machine in the world then you're in luck because I'm the appointed distributor and engineer for Kees van der Westen. I make no apology for being positively evangelical about these incredible machines. I've had my hands on just about every type of espresso machine available and nothing comes close. Take a look at to find out why they're so special. You can also read about my visits to Kees's Espressonistic Works for in-depth technical training on my blog.

Of course not all budgets can stretch to a van der Westen and there are plenty of quality machines available that will do a fine job without offering the kind of precision and kudos of a Mirage or a Spirit. If you have a preference for a particular machine I can source it at a keen price and install, service and maintain it for you. I have my own preferences from amongst the many standard espresso machines out there based on ten years as an engineer and a previous six as a Barista and I can guide and advise you if you're new to the coffee game.

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